Mercenary Quest is an interactive story about how a lone human, who's forced to be mercenary survive in the world. Involve many interactions and sexes with mostly muscled, buffed and strong furries.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome. If there are any typos or bugs, feel free to let me know.

*Last update: 23/04/2019, Version 0.8

Updated 1 day ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
Tagsanthro, furry, Gay, muscle, nsfw, Text based


Mercenary Quest v0.8.html

Development log


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Whens the next update >.<

Soon :3

I still can't get the extra scene with Tobias lol please help

You only encounter him in the forest so there's no extra scene anywhere else at the moment.

Lol I'm sorry ahaha but is he getting a new scene? 

Not in the next update but, yes, he's getting updated.

this is continuing right 

Yes, of course.

How do i get tobias to like the mc

There are no options for that at the moment.

How do I get Eidolon and Tobias to show up?

Btw this game is lit I hope there's an swf version of this


Eidolon is at the forge in town and Tobias is a random encounter while traveling the forest.  In case you haven't found out already. 

Oof thanks for the reply is there a way to have tobias like the player? He has the same thing to say everytime meet him

There's a random event that happens that afterwards leads to a new scene while in town.  Don't know what triggers it but seems random


Thank youuu so much

It's quite rare to get such good quality smut around like this. You're doing some great work, and I'm dying to see you work on some more stuff <3.


Thank you, really appreciated it.

Nice work there. I really like the game and every character especially Eido because he is really great. Hope to see more characters and things in the game.

Thank you very much. <3


quick question... how do you get Sven to show up?


Sorry for late reply. Sven will show up in the second event with Leander. You need to see the first event and have some fun with Wilhelm first before you can trigger the event with Leander.


Nice work! Keep it up!


Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :3